Brand Identity Design



Bankly is a fintech company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. It launched operations in 2017 and has developed the most inclusive, last-mile digital financial products for Nigeria’s 47.4M financially underserved adults.

Bankly is revolutionizing the flow of money by building the most robust and scalable payment rails for cash via a wide network of direct and partner agents to digitize cash and reduce the incidence of fraud, theft, and losses prevalent with cash savings.

After securing seed funding of $2 million, the company plans to scale its business and increase its 35,000 customer base in cash-dependent communities. Embarking on a rebrand project was crucial to help set it on course to achieve its mission.


Geneza Brands developed a visual identity that reflects Bankly's simplicity, transparency, and vibrancy.


Besides the core goal to bring the unbanked into the digital economy by "digitization of cash,"  Bankly is also committed to building communities/relationships and connections. 

Informed by the ideas derived from their core values and goals, our approach was to build the new identity around the concept of a portal, which we refer to as the “Bankly portal”. The portal serves as a digitization gateway that creates a form of transcendence of physical cash into a more reliable form. 

“Money moves faster when it’s digital.”

The second theorem driving the identity is “connection,” which is represented by the simple idea of an “intersection”. For an intersection to occur, there has to be a connection between two or more entities. The whole essence of creating an infrastructure that makes banking simpler and accessible for the unbanked is inadvertently to enhance connection between people. 

“Connection” being the core of the Bankly design system constantly reinforces the values of the brand in the minds of its customers. The flat illustration and icons show the intersection of basic shapes to create meaningful symbolism.

Bankly’s vibrancy, strength, and simplicity are also reflected through its color palette. It draws from a combination of the bold and earthy tones observed in nature —- land, sea, sky, and vegetation. 

The previous shade of blue was tweaked to a bolder shade to create the bold look needed to embody their new identity.

Blue communicates intelligence, unity, depth, trust, loyalty, transparency and confidence. -Colour psychology. 

The new mark is a visual interpretation of ideologies that form the core values of Bankly and serve as the foundation on which the new design system is built.