Cloud Kitchen

Brand Identity Design


Cloud Kitchen is a virtual restaurant created for those who don’t just want to eat_ but also want an experience. Its mission; bring quality, tasty and nutritious meal experiences to doorsteps across Nigeria.

Food is an essential part of every culture. As civilization has progressed, food has evolved from being just WHAT is prepared_ to HOW it’s experienced. At Geneza, we found a uniqueness and vibrancy in Cloud Kitchen that was uncharacteristic of existing food-hailing brands.  

The Revamp

We took Cloud Kitchen’s vibrant vibe literally; using Boldine; which is a bold, eye-catching font, to announce the brand in an easy-to-recognize way. We derived our choice of colors from the unique hues of familiar food. 
Everything culminating in a loud, colorful and distinct statement that says We are in the building!


Brand Elements and Materials

We fully embraced the uniqueness and hands-on nature of Cloud Kitchen to design to-go stickers by hand. These personalized stickers enable brand fluidity and a fun relatability which salutes the individuality of the customer and his/her excellent taste while leaving a lasting impression even after the food is gone.

We used the same hand-drawn approach in creating illustrative packaging options that are both informative and in tune with Cloud Kitchen’s unique and bold energy. We also reflected this in the brand paraphernalia; water bottles and T-shirts.

Minimalistic, Unique, Conspicuous, and Classy_ Everything Cloud Kitchen is and more.


The Logo

We understand that at the heart of Cloud Kitchen is premium service. We made the Logo reflect this truth, taking the hand-drawn initials of Cloud Kitchen (CK), rotating it by 270 degrees, and placing it in a single, fluffy cloud. The result? A hand holding a platter in a Cloud, representing premium Cloud Service.

The Cloud Experience

Geneza Brands knows the importance of consistency across Brands, so we brought the Cloud Kitchen vibe to the website, too. Colorful and seamless, the mobile and web versions of the website are ‌easy to navigate, direct, and stress-free. This serves as a breath of fresh air to users who have consistently struggled with the poor UX of other food-hailing sites.


Cloud Kitchen

Brand Design 
Geneza Design Team

Case Study packaging & food
Ziffy Jacobs

Case Study 
El Agbon

Food photography
Fola Stag

Packaging production

Funto Coker
Seyi Ayoade
Geneza Design Team


Geneza Design Team

User Interface Design
Ogaga John
Geneza Design Team